SamsungS4 32GB For Sale ( Refurbished ) – Best Price Guaranteed

Unlocked GSM/CDMA (A1688)

  • R 1,499.00
  • Warranty: 12 Months

    Good as new

Samsung S4 32GB For Sale at Best Price in South Africa

Here at SmartSmart we refurbish Samsung smartphones and sell them at the most reasonable prices.

In 1973, Martin Cooper placed the first ever mobile phone call. With the ever-evolving technology, it took a further nineteen years before smartphones made it to the scene. The first Samsung smartphone was released in 2009. Since then Samsung smartphones only increased in popularity and the brand remains one of the most common smartphones on the market. another popular buy is the refurbished iPhone 6S Plus 64GB for sale at SmartSmart.

There’s no need to buy a brand-new phone if you can buy one which is guaranteed to be as good as new, at a much lower cost. SmartSmart has a team of dedicated employees who know everything there is to know about how a smartphone functions. Our experience and expertise have enabled us to restore used Samsung smartphones to their original state. It also allows us to do the work at a lower cost than the original manufacturer.

You too can own a top of the range Samsung cell phone if you decide to purchase the device from us. Your second-hand Samsung S4 32GB comes unlocked and with a one-year warranty.

Why choose a refurbished Samsung smartphone

Samsung smartphones are in high demand for various reasons. With more than 900 products listed in the category for phones, tablets and watches the options are endless. The product range includes various smartphones which people of all different income levels can afford. If you want to buy a high-end phone that doesn’t seem to fit into your budget, SmartSmart’s refurbished products can help you make that dream a reality. The second-hand Samsung S7 price in South Africa will save you a lot of money which can then be spent to protect your phone with a sturdy cover and reliable glass screen protector.

Choosing which Samsung smartphone to buy

Every new smartphone which is released by Samsung, is something that people all over the world look forward to seeing, and hopefully using as well. As with any other phone, the camera is one of the first things people look at when browsing for a new smartphone. There are a number of deciding factors to be kept in mind when shopping for a new cell phone:

  • Screen size

This largely depends on what you’ll be using your smartphone for. Your budget has to be taken into account too. Most prefer to purchase a screen bigger than 5inches, especially if you are looking for a phone to watch videos or play games on.

  • Display (colour, brightness & resolution)

A bright screen with the best quality colours is essential. Don’t be too concerned about the highest resolution possible. Although most high-end phones now sport 4K screens, it should be considered a bonus.

  • Price

Reasonable pricing should be one of the key determining factors. Everything that the product offers, has to justify its price. The affordable smartphones on sale at SmartSmart leave clients at a loss for words, especially after considering the brilliant quality of our devices. Once you purchase a Samsung smartphone from us, you will receive a charger and earphones too.

  • Camera (specs, special features & megapixels)

Being able to adjust aperture and having more than one lens enables photography enthusiasts to take stunning shots without using traditional cameras. More megapixels combined with impressive specs will only enhance the quality of photos and video you capture.

  • Battery Life

Be sure to buy a phone that will last for at least 10 hours when fully charged. Nobody wants an unreliable battery that has to be charged multiple times throughout the day.

  • RAM

The latest models usually have 4GB to enhance your experience while multitasking. However, older models were also efficient with just 2GB.

  • Internal Storage

Most experts would suggest purchasing a phone with at least 32GB internal storage and the option of inserting a microSD card.

There are basic guidelines as to what constitutes a quality phone, but in the end it all comes down to what the user’s needs are. Some people simply want a cheap phone for emergency cases. Others are business owners who travel a lot and need a phone that can handle many tasks at once tasks such as video calls, compiling documents, saving images and much more. Many people regard their phones to be their personal assistants.

An affordable refurbished Samsung S5 from SmartSmart is perfect, no matter which category you fall in. Our highly functional phones are not only on sale at much lower costs than usual, but also serves the intended purpose any entrepreneur might require.      

To find out how the device you consider buying has been restored and improved, get in touch with a qualified SmartSmart consultant today. Make a secure purchase in our online shop and your Samsung smartphone will be delivered to your door within no time.