iPhone 6S for sale at an affordable price in South Africa

The technicians at SmartSmart have a wide range of knowledge and skillsets. Every iPhone smartphone you purchase from us has been thoroughly tested to ensure that every function is in perfect working condition. We also have the best used Samsung S4 32GB for sale.

No matter which iPhone you are looking for, you will find it from SmartSmart. We stock some of the first devices such as the Apple iPhone 5 16GB, as well as newer models. The Apple iPhone 7 32GB is one of the later models and no less popular than it was when it was first released in 2016.


Best experience with Apple iPhone6 16GB camera

iPhone is known for developing devices with brilliant and unique features. Many people have admitted to supporting the brand merely because of the excellent cameras in the smartphones. Slo-mo video is a feature loved by many, particularly the more adventurous of heart. Any sport scene looks all the more impressive when watched in slow-motion.

Time lapse is yet another fantastic camera function. This technique allows photographers to shoot frames at certain intervals. The collection of images is then shown at normal speed and everything appears to be happening at a rather fast pace. Many nature lovers capture sun sets using the time lapse function on their iPhones.

We know the important roles that smartphones have in people’s everyday lives. They connect us to the entire world regardless of where we are. Besides enabling us to contact others, a cell phone also serves as an alarm, reminder, notebook, camera, library and much more. With an Apple iPhone6 64GB you will be able to manage all your daily tasks from your mobile phone.

If you want to be sure that the iPhone you buy, will fulfil all your needs, have a look at our product description to see exactly what you can expect from your Apple iPhone 5s 16GB or any other iPhone model. Alternatively, you can speak to one of our consultants for more information about a certain product in our stock.  

The stylish design of an iPhone is another reason why this particular smartphone has always been a favourite among users. Aluminium and glass are used to create the body of the iPhone. The brand continues to improve its design with every new release. We guarantee our clients that the Apple iPhone7 32GB and every other model, is durable and will withstand damage as long as are cautious and take certain precautions to protect your phone from potential damage.


Keeping your refurbished Apple iPhone in brand new condition

There are a few simple ways of keeping an iPhone in its store-bought condition, long after you have started using it. The most obvious method of keeping your phone safe, is by using a case and screen protector. This will provide protection in case your phone should fall. Be sure to buy a quality cell phone cover and screen protector with the best reviews. The purpose should not merely be decorative. Of course, you should like the look of your phone, but this has to be combined with sufficient protection. Cleaning your phone with a microfibre cloth is a good idea if you need to remove small dust particles and stubborn fingerprints from your screen.


Affordable Apple iPhone7 32GB on offer

We take care when we’re at work restoring old iPhones. The refurbished iPhone cost in South Africa is much more affordable than you’d expect. For only R6000.00 you can get a brand new Apple iPhone 7 32GB. The Apple iPhone 6s 16GB is for sale at R3999.00. SmartSmart offers value for money to all our clients. Along with out bargain prices, there is also a 12 month warranty on our iPhone smartphones. Getting a second hand phone and being able to refurbish and sell a fully functional iPhone to our valued customers, is our passion.


SmartSmart for fully restored Apple iPhones and great customer services

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to find out exactly what work has been done to a device you may be interested in. We guarantee that your second hand iPhone will be good as new. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and can only be done if we deliver quality Apple iPhones along with the best client services.

For refurbished iPhones for sale at the most affordable prices, browse through our online shop. You can also purchase any given device on our website with secure payment options.