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Samsung and iPhone smartphones are the most sought-after smartphones on the market. At Smart Smart we have realised the consumer’s need for a trusted, yet affordable smartphone. This is when we decided to use our knowledge, skills and passion for technology, to cater for this market. When it is time for you to get a new smartphone, you can come to us for advice.

You will definitely have more options to choose from when looking at refurbished iPhones for sale, due to the fact that we restore older devices too. Our team will gladly advise you on which second hand Samsung smartphone would best accompany your specific needs. It is not worth buying a cheaper phone if it won’t meet your demands. We want to exceed your expectations.

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Smart Smart is the proud supplier of refurbished phones in South Africa. You can get quality products at an affordable price from us. Buying second-hand phones is one of the fastest ways to save a lot of money. These devices are as good as new and in brilliant working condition. There is only one difference – you can pay as little as 50% of the original selling price when you opt for a certified pre-owned cell phone from a trusted supplier.

Our second-hand cell phones are very popular and reasonably priced. We have a wide variety of both iPhone and Samsung phones available. You can find both old and newer models listed in our catalog or find out more about a certain device from one of our consultants.

The list of our best selling products include the following iPhone and Samsung smartphones:

  • • Apple iPhone 7 32GB
  • • iPhone 6 64GB
  • • iPhone 6S Plus 64GB
  • • Samsung S4 32GB

Shoppers should determine what they will be using the smartphone for, before making a purchase. If you are someone who does a lot of business using a mobile phone, you need enough memory. Some people use their phones as cameras and make the camera quality the deciding factor. Others simply want a phone to make phone calls and send messages when necessary; therefore they buy simple phones with less features.

You can look at the specifications of every smartphone for sale in our online store.

The SmartSmart team is dedicated to deliver only the best customer experience and top of the range products. We work tirelessly to restore every device to its former glory and make improvements on existing functions wherever we can. Continuously growing our business and expanding our expertise has always been important to us. Remaining at the forefront of what we do is what makes our company one of the leading businesses in the industry. Every phone featured on our site is perfectly restored.

Benefits of refurbished phones in South Africa

Buying refurbished phones gives you the opportunity to get a brand-new device at a much lower cost. There is a common misconception that comes along with the “refurbished” tag. People often think that second-hand phones are of poor quality and doesn’t function properly. However, the opposite is true. After the device has been fixed, the entire 40-point test is performed again. Improvements on some functions might be made too. This means that you might just be buying a better-quality phone than you would, had you bought one of the originals. Older models that aren’t kept in stock anymore, can be found in our catalogue as well, along with the latest releases of course.

If you buy a used device from a reliable professional, there is no need to expect anything less than the best performance from your iPhone or Samsung. The 12-month warranty offered on our products is not only there to protect our client’s purchase, but also serves as evidence of the high standards we maintain. We are proud of the work we do and customer satisfaction is always a great way to measure the efficiency of our efforts.

Every one of our smartphones carry a one-year warranty and are certified pre-owned. After being tested, the devices are verified to ensure that is in proper working condition when you start using it. There is no difference whatsoever between a smartphone bought from us and those bought brand new. You will never be able to tell the difference. Buying pre-owned phones has many benefits. The phone will be unlocked, which means that you are not bound to a carrier or contract with a certain network provider. You can get a phone that looks and functions just like any brand-new phone. A full 40-point test is performed on every device we sell.

To further add to the perks you get as a valued customer of SmartSmart, you get a charger plug and cable, as well as earphones, included in the price of your smartphone. It doesn’t stop there - your existing mobile number does not have to change either. It is clear why so many people choose to buy second-hand smartphones instead of spending loads of money on expensive original cell phones which can limit users and keep them bound to specific networks.

If you’re looking for a certified pre-owned cell phone in South Africa, SmartSmart will satisfy your every need. Our secure online store makes shopping convenient. There are no busy stores or queues. A consultant is always available to assist as well. Your products will be delivered via courier and can be tracked with a parcel tracking number. We vow to make it our priority to get your package to your door as soon as possible. This is because of the great value we attach to customer satisfaction.

Wether you are looking for a second-hand iPhone 6 S for sale or wondering what the Samsung s5 second-hand price in South Africa is, you’ll find it all right here. The iPhone 6S Plus 64GB was released in 2014 and is unlocked. With brilliant features such as 12 MP rear camera, you can’t go wrong.

For the best quality, functioning and most affordable refurbished phones, feel free to contact a SmartSmart consultant today.